Charles L. Russell

There are 3,500 Medal of Honor recipients and eight of them are interred in the state of South Dakota. One of these recipients was Charles L. Russell. In 1844, Charles L. Russell was born in Malone, New York. He was 6 feet tall, had a light complexion and blue eyes. Prior to the Civil War he was a brick maker in Newburgh, New York, before enlisting in the United States Army. He would then go on to serve in the 93rd New York Volunteer Infantry as a corporal. On May 12, 1864, while fighting with Company H in the Battle of Spotsylvania, he showed a great deal of bravery by capturing the 42nd Virginia Infantry Confederate flag. This courageous deed earned him the Medal of Honor. Later that same year, Charles L. Russell married Margrett, and within this union they had a son, WL Russell. At the age of 49, Russell was enrolled at the U.S. National Homes for Disabled Soldiers in Hot Springs, South Dakota, for treatment and sometimes his brother, A.L. Russell, would come visit him. Russell also received a $17 pension at this time. On June 7, 1910, he died of complications from coronary heart disease. Charles L. Russell’s resting place is at the Hot Springs National Cemetery in Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota.

Written by Ann’D Hager

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