Adoniram C. Harper

While many of the details of Adoniram Harper’s life cannot be fully fleshed out, what can be found evidences a life on the move. Born in Ohio in 1846, Harper enlisted in Company D of the 132 Illinois Infantry in May of 1864 and served until the expiration of his term in October of that same year. Sometime after his discharge he moved to Mankato, Minnesota, and eventually married. Suffering from rheumatism and asthma, believed to have been contracted in 1864 in Paduah, Kentucky during his term of service, he entered into the Northwestern Branch of the US National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At some point, due to continuing health issues, he traveled to Battle Mountain Sanitarium, adding a hernia to his list of ailments. It is likely that he was sent to Battle Mountain specifically for treatment of his rheumatism, one of the conditions that Battle Mountain was a designed to treat thanks to the dry air of the region. He received treatment in April and December of 1898 then checked in again in 1909. He passed away on Christmas Eve in 1920 from a cardiac issue and was interred at Hot Springs National Cemetery. His widow, Rosa Harper, applied for her husband’s Civil War pension from the state of Minnesota in 1921.

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