Alexander Gray

Born in Scotland January 9, 1877, Alexander Gray and his family moved to Minnesota, where he would gain citizenship through his father’s naturalization before Alexander reached age of majority. It would be in Minnesota that he would enlist in Company H of the 13th Minnesota Infantry on April 29, 1898 and serve as a Quartermaster Sargent until he was honorably discharged on October 3, 1899. By the time he was 41 and filling out his World War I draft card, he had moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota, where he worked as a plate glass cutter at Madden Glass Company. Throughout the censuses of 1920, 1930, 1935 1940, and 1945, Gray continued to live in Aberdeen. The 1920 census states that he immigrated in 1884, and that he had married. The World War I draft card had mentioned that a Mrs. Rachel Gray was his closest relative, but her relation to Alexander was never explained, so it is possible that she was his wife. However, by the 1935 South Dakota census, Alexander states that while he had married in 1907, he was now widowed. Alexander Gray passed away on September 13, 1951 and is interred at Hot Springs National Cemetery.

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