William Hutch

William Hutch, was born in Ireland in approximately 1836. While it is not certain when he emigrated to the United States, his admittance records into Battle Mountain Sanitarium in 1896 provide incredible detail about his life in the United States military. On March 10, 1858, William enlisted in Boston, Massachusetts in B Company of the 2nd US Cavalry and would become a sergeant. He was discharged March 10, 1863, in Falmouth, Virginia when his term expired. He re-enlisted at the end of the Civil War on April 8, 1865, in New York City as a private in E Company of the 8th New York Cavalry. That term ended on June 27, 1865, and he was discharged. William enlisted again on November 27, 1865, but this time back in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a corporal in M Company of the 7th United States Cavalry, and served until November 20, 1868, at the expiration of his term. His registration paperwork for Battle Mountain Sanitarium also states that in the winter of 1884-85, he developed chronic rheumatism and heart disease and was diagnosed in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He received treatment at Battle Mountain Sanitarium on and off, staying for years at a time. This Catholic, educated, single, laborer eventually passed away from acute cardiac dilitation on March 12, 1915.

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